Case Studies

IRO Sushi: Bringing the flavours of Japan through the power of delivery optimisation

Feb 27, 2022 | 3 min read

For London-based IRO Sushi, the key to exquisite sushi lies in achieving the perfect balance and harmony. The takeaway and delivery franchise serves traditional sushi with special attention to detail and carefully-sourced ingredients of the highest quality. The most important part, though? The people.

The people are important, the most important, says Managing Director at IRO Sushi, Chhong Sherpa. And then, of course, the food, the processes are important. But if we have good people, thats the key.

Read on to learn more about running one of the fastest-growing sushi chains in the UK and how Otter helps supercharge their delivery service across multiple locations.

Image of a restaurant team looking at a order ticket printer