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Simplify and grow your delivery business

Aggregate orders from ASAP and other marketplace, online and delivery channels in a single tablet and send straight to integrated point of sale with Otter. Increase efficiency while decreasing stress, order issues and errors.


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With Otter you can manage all your orders, optimize performance, and grow your delivery business.

Manage your online orders from one place

All your delivery orders from Postmates, Uber Eats and more in a single tablet.

Gain performance insights

Track how well your restaurant is doing by location, delivery partner, menu item and more.

Increase your restaurant’s sales

Auto-accept and print every order you receive so you never miss out on a sale.

Connect your POS and increase efficiency

Get orders out the door faster, connect your POS, and optimize your delivery operations.

Trusted by restaurants big and small

Restaurants that partner with Otter see a 52% average increase in delivery orders


“Implementing Otter was one of the greatest things we’ve done. Easily”

Restaurant Owner – Shawn Walchef,
Cali BBQ Media


“Otter’s one tablet solution changed everything immediately. I’m all in.”

Restaurant Owner – Danny Hizami,
Figueroa Philly


“I honestly don’t know how restaurants do it without you guys”

Restaurant Owner – Anabelle Martinez,
Juice Vibe Bar

We offer four solutions to help you grow your delivery business.


Free provides you with delivery data across key metrics and reporting to help you gain insight into your performance.


Core is the all-in-one solution for delivery management, consolidation, insight and optimization.


Pro provides you with in-depth, custom analytics and reporting across various filters to help you grow your business.

Start succeeding in delivery with Otter today!

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